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To begin the process of Discovering your Brain Type or that of someone else, a good place to start is with the following preference quiz (questionnaire).  There are no right or wrong answers.  The quiz is designed simply to help you begin to see who you (or the subject for whom you are taking it) really are. “Help” is the key word here, as this is only the starting point for your analysis.  It is vital to keep in mind that regardless of the purported accuracy of any particular mental or personality analysis, self-evaluating questionnaires of any kind cannot be considered foolproof – or close to it. Even when test-takers answer as honestly as possible, there are numerous reasons why they often score contrary to their true type.

With that in mind, consider these initial questionnaire results with objectivity and caution.  This is only the first step in the process of determining someone’s true Brain Type®.

In the following questions you must make one of two choices.  The questions are not meant to be difficult, and it is important not to read too much into any particular statement.  They are straightforward and require simple honesty.  Set aside some time for yourself without interruptions.  Perhaps, in some cases, you will feel like choosing both options.  Even if you agree with both answers, check the one with which you agree more.

To yield an accurate description of yourself or somebody else you are trying to Type, it is imperative that you answer the questionnaire honestly.  Answer as you really are, not as the person you would like to be (or would like to see).

As much as possible, try to make choices outside the context of the workplace.  In other words, questionnaire results can be altered if you interpret too many questions with work-related responsibilities in mind.  The fact that everyone has certain job requirements and strong interests should not be used to cloud the results.  Therefore, try to think of situations in which the subject of the questionnaire is more free to be him or herself.


Take the BrainTypes.com Questionnaire:

Answer each of the following twenty questions to determine your likely brain type based on the information provided.  If you do this as honestly as possible, you will be on your way to making some exciting discoveries about yourself and others in your life.





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