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You will then be directed to that Brain Type’s homepage, with links to different areas of life, such as Parenting, Education, etc.  These sections are previews of Jon Niednagel’s latest book series on how each area of life relates to each particular Brain Type.  For much further detail on a particular subject, be sure to check out Jon’s book on the respective topic, available upon release in the i-Store Learning Center.

NOTE: The behavioral explanations for each Brain Type are meant for the majority of persons within their classification.  There will be substantive exceptions for the minority.  Because of the enormous diversity within mankind, and complexity even within those of like Brain Type, it is not only possible but likely that in reading a Type’s portrayal, you’ll feel the urge to take exception at some of the behavioral traits, perhaps particularly that of your own.  Please understand, this is normal.  You are unique, and yet share similarities with others of the same Type.  There is sure to be a consistent thread of accuracy and predictability between you and them.  So as you read, assuming you have identified yourself correctly; please keep this in mind.