What’s Happening At The Brain Type Institute

Genetic, neuroscientific (brain-related), and biomechanical research at BTI are actively continuing. Our genetic studies have progressed far beyond all previous efforts. With these new advances, BTI is presently establishing a molecular diagnostics company, intended not only to identify and distinguish the 16 Brain Types (BT) through genetic analysis but also to evaluate the condition of key neurotransmitters in the brain. Regardless of one’s individual BT, the healthy condition of one’s neurotransmitter genes is crucial for good mental and even physical health. For example, consider some of the key brain neurotransmitters such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine which play vital roles in your energy level, motivation, drive, body metabolism, and feeling good, whereas serotonin and GABA help set the brain in balance and play key roles in calming you and improving your mood and ability to handle stress. Let’s also throw in acetylcholine which regulates brain speed, memory, alertness and attention. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 optimal), what are the present conditions of just these neurotransmitters in your brain? How about the other major neurochemicals and their correlating genes which you heavily rely on each day? Wouldn’t you like to know their states, in order improve your mental and physical well-being?

As modern science progresses at an astounding rate, with even vital organs and bones grown from nothing but adult stem cells, virtually every part of your body can likely be replaceable in the near future that is, except for your brain! Yet even if it could be successfully replaced (which it cannot), you would then no longer be you, your personality (or more importantly, BT), past memories, and other critical factors would be lost. Therefore, there is nothing more important you need to protect than your irreplaceable brain even more than your home, car, or bank account. Thus, eat healthfully, take the proper nutritional supplements, exercise, minimize stress, and keep your eye on the Creator of the universe. Yet, we at BTI will soon be able to accomplish one other highly beneficial step, and that is to test one’s brain condition especially measuring the health of individual neurotransmitters. BTI is pursuing this invaluable area of good health with its new diagnostic company, yet it will always take a back seat to our main focus of accurately identifying via DNA the individual Brain Types (which are the single greatest determinants for why we do what we do).

Brain mapping/imaging (both invasive and non-invasive) and biomechanical studies on the various Brain Types (BT) also continue and are providing many additional insights. These are costly endeavors, and BTI has greatly appreciated the medical, scientific, and philanthropic people who have stepped forward in helping us lower expenses in this highly beneficial research. We continue to welcome interested parties in these ongoing and future scientific projects.
The interest in BT continues to grow, and we’re often hard-pressed at BTI to keep up with the demands. We continue, however, to make new partnerships with those highly interested in BT and who also demonstrate competency and integrity in their fields of specialty. Not only are we linking up with those in science and medicine but general society as well including business, education, and more. BTI has also formed an advisory board comprised of scientists, business CEOs, and others. We want to have the best possible counsel in order to develop and promote BT ethically and properly.
BTI continues to gather video interviews of the 16 Brain Types (BT), and will soon release some of them in our new BT Trainer. By viewing 10 people of the same BT, hearing their speech, inflection and views on life, seeing their faces and mannerisms, etc., a whole new world opens up for properly identifying them and their unique characteristics. We also are demonstrating motor movements with each BT and illustrating them with a unique software program. Complementing these by integrating brain maps and scans to better show how each Brain Type is designed to biologically function, BTI‘s short-term goal is to teach others how to properly assess the 16 inborn designs.

BTI has never been offered more opportunities by others to expand its horizons but still proceeds cautiously as it has for many years. We’ve been more interested in building Brain Typing’s foundation than marketing its benefits. It appears, however, that due to the appreciable interest in BT and the recent technological/scientific advances, new endeavors will be regularly implemented by BTI. Experts from basically every area of society have expressed a keen interest in applying BT to their respective fields. Therefore, we at BTI are presently attempting to provide them the software, hardware, and written and scientific materials/supplies they will need to significantly impact their professions or areas of interest.

We sincerely appreciate your interest and support in helping people to better understand their inborn differences, similarities, and special areas of giftedness. BTI believes we all have a major responsibility in making this world a better place in which to live while following the Intelligent Designer’s Golden Rule.