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The Brain Type Institute has made Brain Type® assessments on thousands of people–many well-known. Most of these “famous” persons were not evaluated in person but rather by video tape analysis using Brain Typing’s methodologies. These evaluations are based on BTI’s years of typological, scientific, and empirical studies. Though we believe the appraisals are correct, we do not want them held as absolute—lest people profiled be unfairly judged by those who do not fully understand Brain Types. BTI intends only for the positive application of this information and desires readers to grasp its essence—that each person possesses an inborn design, one of 16 individual Brain Types, which predisposes him or her to specific cognitive, physical, and spatial traits.

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    • 1/15/18 – Goodbye to Dick Enberg
      We wanted to say goodbye to one of American’s most legendary broadcasters, Dick Enberg, who passed away shortly before Christmas at the age of 82. “With all due respect to other great announcers in the ‘70s and ‘80s if you were to have a decathlon of play-by-play, he would have won that [...]
    • 1/9/18 – NBA’s Avery Bradley in some trouble
      Things got a little edgy last year for NBAer Avery Bradley.  The #6 BEIR who now plays for the Detroit Pistons entered into a confidentiality agreement with a reality star who accused him of sexual assault.  At one point, “negotiations got as high as $400k.”  Bradley flatly denies all allegations, and [...]
    • 1/2/18 – Grace Kelly featured in new book
      An article recently came out on Grace Kelly, who back in 1956, at only 26 years of age, married Prince Rainier of Monaco at the height of her popularity.  Kelly would go on to have three children before she tragically died in a car crash at age 52 in 1982. Author Jay [...]
    • 12/18/17 – Jordan Clarkson’s disciplined routine?
      It gave us a good laugh, and those who understand Brain Type should get a good chuckle as well.  While athletes all over the world are training and disciplining themselves to get better and better, others are taking it easy, living life like they always did before they were ever [...]
    • 12/10/17 – Lonzo Ball is no Kevin Martin
      If only Kevin Durant knew about Brain Types (especially its many provable mental and physical traits, yet he may to some degree from close acquaintances that are BT enthusiasts).  Over the summer he worked out with the Lakers’ touted rookie Lonzo Ball, who thus far this season has proven quite the disappointment [...]
    • 11/30/17 – Eli Manning takes the bench
      He was once touted to be better than his brother, but BTInsiders knew better.  Why?  Because we told you so years ago, even as Mr. Eli Manning was at the cusp of winning another coveted Super Bowl title.  “There is no comparison,” we wrote back then, “except that they (Eli [...]
    • 11/24/17 – Shaquille O’Neal’s simple financial advice
      Shaquille O’Neal (#6 BEIR) is a businessman, and over the years has learned a thing or two about finances.  No surprise to Brain Typists, who understand that the #6 BEIR tends to be the most financially savvy of all the inborn designs.  (This isn’t the same as financially responsible.)  True, [...]
    • 11/14/17 – The Southerland Springs tragedy
      When all was said and done, he had murdered over two-dozen people in Southerland Springs, Texas.  Devin Kelley walked into First Baptist Church, located within the small town void of even a traffic light, and opened fire, killing men and women, children and babies.  You’ve heard the news by now, [...]
    • 11/10/17 – Say hello to Brother Love
      We all know of Metta World Peace (#1 FEAR), formerly known as Ron Artest of the NBA, but do you know of the famous rapper Brother Love?  No, you probably don’t, because such wasn’t his name until just recently.  The world formerly knew him as Diddy, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, or [...]
    • 11/7/17 – Goodbye to a friend
      Life hits hard sometimes, and the greater the hit, the greater the perspective one is often given of life. What can seem like the end of the world at one moment can suddenly change into, “Hey, that’s not so bad,” the next moment when true tragedy strikes rearing its ugly [...]
    • 10/30/17 – Yuli Gurriel’s racist gesture
      The World Series has been quite the firestorm, but things really got heated up several days ago ago when a certain Astros’ player made fun of a certain Dodgers’ pitcher in what has been described as a “horrible racist gesture”.  It was indeed a quick, slight gesture, but it ended [...]
    • 10/27/17 – World Series all tied up
      It was “an improbable victory,” but the Houston Astros pulled off a win Wednesday night to tie the World Series 1-1 against the Los Angeles Dodgers in what was described as “so completely insane and ridiculous that you wouldn’t believe what happened if you didn’t watch it.”  It was finally [...]
    • 10/23/17 – Tiffany and Ivana Trump
      It’s always amusing to find famous, influential people with children who possess different Brain Types from their parent(s), particularly when the child’s design is not necessarily geared for the same line of work.  One could think of Prince Harry, a #1 FEAR, whose #3 FEAL mother Diana and #15 FCIL grandmother [...]
    • 10/16/17 – Herschel Walker and taking the knee
      As the “take the knee” football controversy continues to intensify, started by Colin Kaepernick (#13 FCIR) a year or so ago, another well-known athlete has a thing or two to say about it.  His name is Herschel Walker, former Heisman Trophy winner, professional American football player, bobsledder, sprinter, and mixed [...]
    • 10/10/17 – Football’s Antonio Brown needs to calm down
      “I don’t know [if] he needs to react that way. He’s superhuman on the football field, and when that happens it almost brings him back to being a mere mortal, if you will. Because it gets in his head and it just messes with all of us a little bit. [...]
    • 10/5/17 – The unique cast of “Cheers”
      There was an article recently from FoxNews titled, “11 Things You Didn’t Know About Cheers,” and we thought there we some interesting tidbits worth sharing with our BT audience.  First of all, if you haven’t heard of “Cheers,” you’re likely younger than 30 years old.  The classic sitcom ran from [...]
    • 10/2/17 – Jane Fonda snaps at Megyn Kelly
      So what happens when you put two competent, strong-willed #15 FCIL women in the same room together for what is meant to be a cordial interview?  Well, if it’s anything like last week, you get some pretty awkward moments.  Actress Jane Fonda appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” last Wednesday to [...]
    • 9/20/17 – The NFL’s Chris Jones
      We love training our BTInsiders to become better people readers’ in order that they, too, can be able to identify others’ inborn designs and better relate to them.  Here is a humorous test case for you all … NFL lineman Chris Jones of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Watch the video [...]
    • 9/15/17 – Stevens and Nadal win the U.S. Open
      She won the 2017 US Open Tennis Open, and although some are comparing her to Serena Williams (#1 FEAR), between the ears, she is no Serena Williams.  We are talking about Sloane Stephens, the talented and extremely athletic womens tennis professional who took home the Grand Slam title against fellow [...]
    • 9/12/17 – Isaiah Thomas emotional about NBA trade
      Talented Boston point guard Isaiah Thomas (#1 FEAR) is on his way to Cleveland to join Lebron James (#1 FEAR) and his Cavalier basketball team, but the parting has been an emotional experience for the NBA All -Star.  Why?  One reason is “because that was our goal in Boston for [...]
    • 9/6/17 – Khloe and Caitlyn’s strained relationship
      In a recent candid sit-down together, TV-reality stars Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce) and Khloe Kardashian (his step-daughter) discussed their strained relationship over the last few years, primarily beginning around the time when Bruce was transitioning into Caitlyn.  Remember, once a talented Olympian, Jenner is a #15 FCIL, while his daughter [...]
    • 8/29/17 – Will Purdue’s take on Jordan v.s. James
      An article came out a little while ago that differentiated two particular Brain Types with striking accuracy, namely the #1 FEAR and the #6 BEIR.  The article quotes former Chicago Bull #13 FCIR Will Purdue, who watched fellow Bull Michael Jordan play day after day.  In his opinion, Jordan’s persistence [...]
    • 8/22/17 – Tom Cruise injures himself filming Mission Impossible
      Many of us are familiar with the crazy antics of actor Tom Cruise, and that’s why many were surprised years ago when BTI Typed him as a #11 FCAL.  What?  A Left brain dominant actor strapping himself onto planes, jumping on couches, and climbing up the tallest buildings in the [...]
    • 8/9/17 – Pied guitarist Glen Campbell passes away
      He was known as the “Rhinestone Cowboy,” and described by one author as “the upbeat guitarist from Delight, Arkansas, whose smooth vocals and down-home manner made him a mainstay of music and television for decades.”  Yesterday, beloved singer Glen Campbell passed away, and he was 81 years old.  “It is [...]
    • 7/28/17 – JJ Redick and the NBA family life
      The #6 BEIR usually shoots pretty straight with you.  They’re candid, not afraid to speak their minds.  It’s refreshing, actually, in a world largely dominated by folks who say one thing and think or do another.  At any rate, one rare #6 BEIR in the NBA is JJ Redick of the [...]
    • 7/24/17 – Garbine Muguruza wins Wimbledon
      Serena Williams is pregnant, so winning Wimbledon was not on her “to do” list this year.  Thus, instead, taking her place to win it last week was a gal named Garbine Muguruza.  BTI had never analyzed Garbine before, and while initially she gave the impression of a well-spoken #13 FCIR, we are here [...]
    • 7/18/17 – The young Jelena Ostapenko
      She’s only 20 years old and won the French Open this year.  She is the youngest woman to win it since 1997, and on top of that, she was unseeded.  (And by the way, what female BT is usually most dominant on the French clay—which is both slow and slippery?) [...]
    • 7/10/17 – The great tennis entertainer, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
      In our latest article we told you about Kei Nishikori, a rare #9 FCAR on the professional tennis circuit known for his likable personality and energy on the court.  Ranked just above him at #10 is a fellow by the name of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, a Frenchman not to be trifled with, [...]
    • 6/29/17 – The talented and unique Kei Nishikori
      Today, the #13 FCIR dominates male tennis.  Yesteryear was a different story, when names like John McEnroe (#6 BEIR), Borris Becker (#5 FEIR), and Andre Agassi (#5 FEIR) decorated the ATP leader board.  Now, you will see names like Andy Murray (#13 FCIR), Rafael Nadal (#13), and Roger Federer (#13), who all share [...]
    • 6/26/17 – What Type is rookie sensation Aaron Judge?
      MLB fans, and particularly Yankee fans, are thrilled about new rookie sensation Aaron Judge.  Just a few days ago, “Judge continued his torrid rookie season with his 25th home run of the season Thursday night. The blast gave the Yankees a 5-1 lead, but it was not enough as they faltered [...]
    • 6/17/17 – Megyn Kelly takes on Alex Jones
      Well, she’s got guts.  No surprise, knowing her #15 FCIL design.  We’re talking about NBC’s Megyn Kelly, and now multiple advertisers have told NBC that they don’t want to be anywhere near her upcoming interview with controversial media personality Alex Jones (#13 FCIR).  In case you haven’t heard of Mr. [...]
    • 6/6/17 – The couple that was Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe
      A famous “Hollywood Hookup” from back in the 1950s was the relationship between baseball’s Joe DeMaggio and the big screen’s Marilyn Monroe.  And wow, when you put a #2 BEAR like Joe and a #9 FCAR like Marilyn together, you have yourself a unique combination!  DiMaggio married the Hollywood star in 1954, but they would split just [...]
    • 5/31/17 – General manager Bob Myers knows Brain Types
      We couldn’t help notice some interesting reports on Bob Myers, General Manager of the Golden State Warriors.  Steve Kerr (#8 BEIL), their current coach, recently went on to say of him, “He doesn’t interfere, yet they know he’s there.  He’s got a really special quality of being here and then [...]
    • 5/26/17 – Lebron James’ best kept secret
      The Cleveland Caveliers are on their way to the NBA Finals.  While the Cavs definitely have a talented team (who can really shoot the ball) in Kyrie Irving (#13 FCIR), Kevin Love (#6 BEIR), Kyle Korver (#13 FCIR), J.R. Smith (#9 FCAR), and Deron Williams (#1 FEAR), superstar Lebron James [...]
    • 5/24/17 – The end of Sean Hannity?
      “Sean Hannity is one smart, wily, fierce fighter. He needs our support even more now. There is turmoil and dissension at Fox News.” Those are the words of Melanie Morgan, Co-founder of StopTheScalpins, which is continuing its efforts to stand by Sean Hannity while he is under fire.  So what’s going [...]
    • 5/22/17 – So why did Lebron James choke?
      They are singing his praises, haling him “better than Michael Jordan.”  He has won 3 NBA Championships in his illustrious career, not to mention 4 MVP awards, 3 NBA Finals MVP awards, 1 scoring title, 2 Olympic gold medals, and his team is now up 2-1 against the Boston Celtics of [...]
    • 5/18/17 – The Simone Biles Glare
      Of all the 16 Brain Types, one of them most consistently wears their emotions on, not their sleeves, but their faces.  As CAs, their greatest area of proficiency is the speech (mouth region), and as high-energy Q1s, those “emotions” are seldom withheld.  Yes, the “Motivator”, or #9 FCAR, wouldn’t naturally [...]
    • 5/15/17 – Prince Harry finally opens up on the death of Diana
      Any Brain Type has a difficult time coping with tragedy, but in terms of emotional instability that can lead to depression and/or thoughts of self-worthlessness (or denial), a few designs are more prone to such. BT enthusiasts know that Prince Harry of England is a #1 FEAR who has led an unstable life off and on over the years. [...]
    • 5/3/17 – Dale Earnhardt Jr. to retire from NASCAR
      His father was a racing legend, a fiercely competitive #6 BEIR who was rightly nicknamed “The Intimidator” due to his aggressive driving style.  Yes, by the 1990s the name Dale Earnhardt had become synonymous with NASCAR, but in February of 2001 Earnhardt died instantly of injuries sustained after he collided with another [...]
    • 4/30/17 – Steve Kerr is in a lot of pain
      Our sympathies go out to head coach Steve Kerr, who in recent days has been experiencing “excruciating pain” according to sources, even to the point where he can barely walk.   Kerr hasn’t felt well all series, according to people around him, and recently it became unbearable.  Where did it [...]
    • 4/24/17 – Agassi beat Becker because of his tongue
      When it comes to noticing the details of life, dominant Empiracals rule the roost.  Reality is their forte.  “What is” is their best friend.  The here-and-now dominates their consciousness 24/7 (well, except while they’re sleeping), hence largely blocking out the Cerebral, imaginative world that dominant Conceptuals dwell in (which is [...]
    • 4/20/17 – Inside the brains of Paul McCartney and John Lennon
      To say the least, the Beatles were unique, not only for their music, but also for a few band member Brain Types.  Paul McCartney,the leader of the pack, is a #11 FCAL, a rare design when it comes to male singing stardom.  In fact, there hasn’t been another well-known #11 [...]
    • 4/17/17 – So why did Prince Charles marry Diana?
      It’s always a bit fascinating to write about the Royal family, namely because within their genes are a diversity of Brain Types.  One has The Queen Mother (#3 FEAL), her daughter the current Queen Elizabeth (#15 FCIL), and her son Prince Charles (#16 BCIL) who married the late Princess Diana (#3 [...]
    • 4/12/17 – The unique Sergio Garcia wins the Masters
      One could have Brain Typed him by his reaction alone after winning the 2017 Masters Golf Championship.  Kneeling down twice and clenching his fists in fiery passion, placing his head on the chest of competitor Justin Rose (#13 FCIR) and smiling a smile as big and bright as the sun, [...]
    • 4/7/17 – Nancy Kerrigan melts down during rehearsal
      A quick update on Dancing With The Stars and Nancy Kerrigan (#3 FEAL) for our readers.  Days ago, headlines read, “Nancy Kerrigan melts down during rehearsal.”  So what happened?  Nancy was given a compliment.  Yep, that’s it.  Dance partner Artem Chigvintsev told Kerrigan she “looked good.”  In response, while talking [...]
    • 3/31/17 – The failure of Ryan and Trump
      Uh oh!  It looks like President Donald Trump has gotten a little too high on his horse lately, a particular pitfall of the #15 FCIL when they think they’re invincible.  Our readers are probably aware by now of the recent health care bill that was shot down by conservative Republicans who [...]
    • 3/30/17 – Kindred spirits, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady
      Yesterday we talked about two teammates who didn’t get along.  Today we want to talk about two unselfish teammates who really got along. Remember back when Yao Ming (#9 FCAR) and Tracy McGrady (#6 BEIR) were an item for the Houston Rockets?  They were like Batman and Robin, and neither fought for [...]
    • 3/28/17 – The rift between Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb
      What happens when two Animate ‘feelers’ get miffed at each other?  Well, depends on how they were raised. Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb were NFL teammates who just didn’t get a long, and people have wondered why.  After all, they were roommates and soulmates all through their first training camp.  Owens, [...]
    • 3/23/17 – Paul Ryan finds Trump ‘Reaganesque’
      Just days after a phone recording was revealed from 2016 with the voice of Paul Ryan stating to fellow Republicans, “I am not going to defend Donald Trump.  Not now, ever,” the Speaker of the House is singing a new tune.  Apparently, all he needed was a little quality time [...]
    • 3/21/17 – Nancy Kerrigan on ‘Dancing With The Stars’
      “Dancing With The Stars” gives us a chance to see some different Brain Types take the stage.  We’ve written previously about the disaster that was #7 FEIL Kate Gosling, among others, and for season 24 we will be witnessing another Left brain dominant female take the stage.  This gal, however, [...]
    • 3/16/17 – NFL’s Greg Hardy falls on hard times
      Brain Typists don’t typically think of the #3 FEAL as being “haughty”, or necessarily “cocky”.  Particularly among females, they are kind-hearted individuals who enjoy conversation and hospitality, deriving energy simply by mingling with people.  Males, too, can share these qualities, though in sports they tend to over-focus on self-image, desiring [...]
    • 3/14/17 – Dirk Nowitzki scores 30,000 points
      He’s a talented star in his own right, and arguably the best #10 BCAR to have ever played the game. On Tuesday, Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki became the sixth payer in NBA history to reach 30,000 points, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (#10 BCAR), Karl Malone (#5 FEIR), Kobe Bryant (#2 [...]
    • 3/13/17 – When Kendall Gill tried strangling Jim McIlvaine
      The #12 BCAL is a very rare bird, especially in the NBA. Those old enough may remember Jim McIlvaine, the tall white guy who spent seven seasons with the Washington Bullets, Seattle SuperSonics and New Jersey Nets. Yes, he was/is a #12 who, all things considered, did well enough for [...]
    • 3/9/17 – Kevin Garnett channels Beyonce
      Former NBAer Kevin Garnett always tried to play the “bad boy” type, but Brain Type enthusiasts were never fooled.  A #9 FCAR, Kevin was all heart and emotion (and talk!), but never the killer instinct, ala the #6 BEIR.  So when it came out recently that KG, who recently joined [...]
    • 3/6/17 – Warren Beatty passes the buck
      Quick!  Among all Inanimate, logic-seeking Brain Types, which is the slowest to reach an in-the-moment conclusion? Quick! If you said the #16 BCIL, you would be quite correct.  Catch the Oscars last week?  Even if you didn’t, you probably heard about what happened.  Warren Beatty (#16 BCIL) and Faye Dunaway (#13 [...]
    • 3/1/17 – Sammy Sosa and Jesus have what in common?
      The #9 FCAR can have a tendency to say things that are not quite logical, or thoroughly thought out, or perhaps just a little extreme.  Kanye West is one of the best examples, who has several times compared himself to Jesus.  In fact, the lyrics to one of his songs [...]
    • 2/27/17 – The death of Alan Colmes
      In a bit of very sad news, Fox News Channel’s Alan Colmes (#13 FCIR) passed away this morning after a “brief illness”, leaving behind his wife, Jocelyn Crowley.  His family issued the statement: “Alan Colmes passed away this morning after a brief illness. He was 66-years-old. He leaves his adoring and devoted [...]
    • 2/21/17 – Donald Trump’s “Apprentice” news conference
      It was a sudden news conference he called for last week, and after an hour and 15 minutes of talking and answering questions, we again were shown how the #15 FCIL is the master BT on their feet in terms of articulating contextual logic, keeping command of their audience, and [...]
    • 2/20/17 – John Daly tosses club in lake
      You’re angry.  Your body hurts.  You’re playing golf, and you’re playing terribly at that.  You’re #5 FEIR John Daly, so what do you do?  You throw your club in the lake and walk off the course. “Daly was struggling with some back issues and not playing great golf. After back-to-back bogeys [...]
    • 2/16/17 – Steve Young and Left brain quarterbacks
      Try finding Left brain dominant quarterbacks in the NFL in 2017 and you’ll be truly hard-pressed.  (There is only 1 such QB among the 30 teams–#4 BEAL Carson Palmer.)  Left brainers could play QB in NFL antiquity much easier than in today’s fast moving, sophisticated game; nonetheless, try finding any [...]
    • 2/14/17 – Doug Christie won’t offend anyone
      Yesterday we touched upon former NBA star #6 BEIR Bill Walton, now a sports television commentator known for his frank words and candid opinions. But, what happens when you take a #1O BCAR and put a microphone in front of him? Usually, nothing much. That is, nothing too controversial. Does anyone [...]
    • 2/13/17 – Bill Walton and overcoming Brain Type
      At times we are asked, “Can’t Brain Typing be used as a crutch?”  That is, once one discovers one’s inborn design, an excuse can be developed to limit self as far as what can and cannot be accomplished.  Such an excuse is exaggerated, especially as it pertains to every day [...]
    • 2/7/17 – Patriots grill ‘Matty Melt’ in Super Bowl 51
      Like the shocking victory of “comeback kid” Donald Trump (#15 FCIL), the New England Patriots and their master strategist, Bill Belichick (another #15!), rallied to stun a world audience and its NFL foe, the Atlanta Falcons.  Trailing 25 points in the third quarter, somehow, someway, the Pats rose from the [...]
    • 2/6/17 – The tragic death of Yordano Ventura
      In a bit of sad news, Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura was killed in a car crash on Sunday while in the Dominican Republic.  “We are deeply saddened to learn of the tragic passing of Andy Marte and Yordano Ventura,” players union executive Tony Clark said. Our thoughts and prayers [...]
    • 2/2/17 – Neil Gorsuch, and the rule that could bite Harry Reid in the butt
      The battle now begins as President Donald Trump (#15 FCIL) has nominated Neil Gorsuch to be the new Supreme Court Justice of the United States.  Gorsuch is an affable #13 FCIR with a conservative record that looks to match that of Antonio Scalia (#13 FCIR) whom he will be potentially replacing.  Most [...]
    • 1/31/17 – Brady: Science Proves He’s NOT the Best
      Tom Brady and his New England Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl this week, all thanks to a near-perfectly-built system reliant on one compliant quarterback and one strategic-commanding coach. But first, let’s step back for a moment and consider a few facts that even an arm-chair or Monday-morn quarterback could [...]
    • 1/30/17 – Has Madonna gone mad?
      People are beginning to wonder … has Madonna gone mad?  The longtime pop singer expressed herself rather bluntly at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. last week when she stated, “Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.  But [...]
    • 1/24/17 – Patriots easily defeat Pittsburgh Steelers
      Well, despite the fact that he was suspended by the NFL for the first four games of the season for “Deflategate,” Tom Brady (#9 FCAR) and his Patriot team had no difficulties in reaching the playoffs thanks to mastermind coach Bill Belichick (#15 FCIL), who seemingly could have reached the same [...]
    • 1/23/17 – Atlanta Falcons defeat Green Bay Packers
      It was another weekend of elimination in the NFL, as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are on their way to the Super Bowl after each defeating their respective opponents, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. Quarterback Matt Ryan (#13 FCIR) of the Falcons had a stellar game, [...]
    • 1/19/17 – What is Dion Lewis’ Brain Type?
      Hey NFL fans (or those who hate football)!  It’s time again to put on your BT X-ray vision goggles and analyze a running back for the New England Patriots, Dion Lewis.  He is only 5 foot 7 inches tall, but one of the league’s most talented RBs.  Take your time, [...]
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