There once was a man named Tom Brokaw who was the face of evening news.  To many, he was a kind face that brought the weight of the world’s headlines into our living rooms in a serious, yet gentle manner.  Today #11 FCAL Brokaw still works at NBC, though not as the evening news anchor, and he is troubled by what he sees day in and day out from the media.  “I think the most extraordinarily powerful tool and the most destructive development in modern life is the current media,” says Tom.  “It could be a unifying factor, but it’s a dividing factor, frankly. And that really troubles me as much as anything. I don’t know how we get beyond that. I don’t know what leader can come along and say, ‘Look, we’re all in this together. We’ve got to find a way to work together,’” he added, almost reminiscent of a speech fellow #11 Christopher Reeve might have given as Superman.

Brokaw distinctly remembers the charm of #15 FCIL Ronald Reagan, stating, “Ronald Reagan was the best example of that in my lifetime. I was not a huge fan when he first started running, not for president but for governor of California. Then I saw how skilled he was as governor at putting together that big, big state. When he ran for president, I said, ‘Watch; he knows how to put people together.’ He had a really core set of beliefs, but he also had an engaging way about him. He had been a movie star. He knew how you had to win people with your personality and how you went about your life. They would be for you or against you, and he had people for him.”

Ironically, Brokaw then brought up another #15 FCIL U.S. President.  Bill Clinton also had that capability, by the way, but then he got tangled up with Monica, which took a fair amount out of his résumé.”

Remember that Brokaw shares the same harmony-loving Brain Type as the late George H.W. Bush (loved by many but not viewed as a competent president).  Brokaw is indeed quite keen in detecting an individual gifted with relational skills (CA ‘stork’).  Both Reagan and Clinton were not only #15s, but each was left-handed, contributing to their relaxed Right brain personas.

Currently, democrats could sure use a competent left-handed #15 FCIL!  Not a single candidate running shares this CEO design.  While much more could be written (and perhaps will be at a later date), political events will sure get interesting as the 2020 elections arrive on the horizon!

Written by: Staff
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