So “The Last Dance” about the final year of Michael Jordan with the Bulls was a hit for ESPN.  Now, they’re riding the momentum and moving up release dates of three new sports documentaries, “including an eagerly-awaited look at the Mark McGwire (#2 BEAR) vs. Sammy Sosa (#9 FCAR) home run chase from the summer of 1998.”  The series will be called “Long Gone Summer,” about McGwire and Sosa’s battle to topple Roger Maris’s single-season home run record in the summer of 1998. ESPN says it will include extensive interviews with both sluggers.

Veteran Brain Type enthusiasts know full well about Jon Niednagel‘s involvement with Sosa back in the mid-90s.  To be sure, Sammy said this about Jon: “He helped me a lot. I like to talk to him because he’s a good guy. He can put you on track.”  Niednagel encouraged Sammy to hit the opposite field, thereby forcing Sosa to utilize the big-muscle groups (of which McGwire, the EA ‘dove’, is more naturally prone to use).  This restricted his more dominant and naturally aggressive fine motor skills.  Immediately following Niednagel’s few days of assisting Sosa, Sammy raised his batting average some 30 points while hitting multiple home runs (to right field no less!)  During the captivating competition with McGwire in 1998, Niednagel would contact him on occasion whenever Sosa would slump, and Sammy would often quickly snap out of it and go on another home run barrage.

Lastly, does anyone remember who McGwire hit his re cord-breaking home run against?  It was Steve Trachsel of the Chicago Cubs, a rare #10 BCAR.  The typically competitive #10 said in a recent interview for the upcoming documentary, “I wasn’t too happy with it. This is our opponent; we’re trying to kick these guys’ asses and move on.  Obviously it was great for baseball, it was great for fans – I get all that.  But when it happened, I wasn’t happy.”  Kinda like when Tiger Woods (#10) loses, or Michael Jackson (#10) when he lost at video games and sent friends home early.  Yep, #10s hate to lose, and they hate it even more if they have to praise you afterwards!

Don’t expect it.

Written by: Staff
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