It’s the NBA vs the NFL in a round of golf that will display a great variety of Brain Types.  Titled the Baha Mar Showdown, it’s to be played in the Bahamas showcasing 16 players from both leagues going head-to-head in competition.  Playing for Team NFL will be Aaron Rodgers (#13 FCIR), Bret Favre (#5 FEIR), Larry Fitzgerald (#13), Adam Thielen (#13), Kyle Williams (#13), Josh Scobee (#13), Patrick Peterson (#13), and Pat McAfee (#13).  Team NBA will showcase a wider variety of Brain Types, including Chris Paul (#1 FEAR), Mike Conley (#13), J.R. Smith (#9 FCAR), Ray Allen (#1), Dell Curry (#13), Deron Williams (#1), Tyler Johnson (#13), and Scottie Pippen (#2 BEAR).

Says Chris Paul, “While we are all highly competitive at heart, this is all about having fun and giving fans an amazing experience.”  As one commentator points out, “While Chris Paul might claim it’s all in good fun, you can bet the house that the ultra-competitive will be doing everything he can to win.”  Yes, knowing Paul and his Type, he’s probably right.

Here’s one thing to look for between the two teams and their respective golf swings.  You will see more gross-motor, bigger upper body swings coming from team NBA and their EA “dove” players.  Paul, Allen, Williams, and Pippen all are gross-motor dominant, while team NFL will showcase a host of fine-motor dominant players, including #5 Favre.  Remember that #13s commonly dominate the PGA, so it won’t be a surprise to see Team NFL win the cup.  If team NBA, however, can stay relaxed (not causing their big muscles to freeze up), they may have a fighting chance!

Written by: Staff
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