One trait people gotta love about #7 FEILs it that they are who they are.  If they think something, they’ll often say something, particularly when they are irked about that something.  Just try keeping a #7s thoughts restrained after she or she has been ticked off.  Yeah.  Good luck with that.

Anyway, Nick Faldo is a golf announcer and former PGA player, and yes, he happens to be a #7.  Recently, Brooks Koepka (#13 FCIR), currently the #4 player in the world, stated, “If the announcers would just shut up and listen, you could hear every word that we’re talking about.”  Of course, this didn’t sit well with Nick, so when Brooks had to bow out of a recent tournament, Faldo let him have it.  “I know he’s watching at home, guys, because he loves listening to we analysts and our scintillating insights. He’s probably poolside in his thong, you know, enjoying himself.”  Brooks was recently photographed wearing a thong, hence the dig.

And that wasn’t the only dig.  Last week, after Brooks hit a tee shot during the RBC Heritage tournament, Faldo commented,“He told we announcers to shut up. Let’s see here what he has to say about that one.”  The boom mic didn’t pick up Koepka saying anything, to which Faldo then quipped,“Yeah, fascinating stuff.”

You have to laugh, particularly knowing Nick’s innate design.  Don’t ever, ever get into a back-and-forth with a #7 announcer.  You’ll never win, because, if nothing else they have a difficult time letting it go.

Written by: Staff
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