Yikes.  ‘Racism’ (a tough word to define) rears its ugly head in many ways, and in sports it can be particularly ugly.  A few weeks ago the NBA’s attempt to “turn their sport into a platform for anti-racist imagery and symbolism took a turn when Clippers forward Montrezl Harrell appeared to call Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, a ‘B*tch Ass white boy.'”

Yes, this time it was a case of black on white.  Doncic isn’t particularly one who can claim “white privilege,” however, being from the very poor country of Slovenia. At any rate, does anyone know Montrezi Harrell’s Brain Type?  It may surprise most to learn that he is a #3 FEAL.  While some #3s in sports have been known to possess a loud (and sometimes offensive) mouth (i.e. Rasheed Wallace, Buddy Hield, etc), most folks know #3s to be kind, caring, everyday people.  Think of Princess Diana, or Barbara Bush.  As dominant, outgoing Animates (feelers), they typically enjoy hospitality, as well as down-to-earth conversation.  Usually trying to focus on positives (dominant Left brain), they are generally uplifting to be around.  Of course, the incident happened after a particularly physical play when Harrell made a strong move past Doncic to score.  It’s safe to say Montrezl was particularly miffed at Doncic, and yelled one of the first things that came to his mind.  Unfortunately, that “thing” was about the color of Doncic’s skin.

“Had the roles been reversed,” write ones insightful author, “and Doncic had shouted a similar racial insult at Harrell, Doncic might be on the first thing smoking back to Slovenia by now.”  Yep.

The following day, Montrezl did seek to make things right, Tweeting, “If gone get the story get it right all I ask, no one spoke wit me to do anything I approach him and cleared the air from all the outside nonsense that was being said. Nothing but respect for Luka he understood the heat of the battle and he said it didn’t bother him only RESPECT.”

Written by: Staff
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