Herein lies a tale of two #10s, both in or formerly in the NBA.  Rudy Golbert, who famously was one of the first professional basketball players to come down with the Corona virus (and playfully joked about, ala BCAR), recently made a short, but profound, Tweet (particularly in light of the NBA’s close ties with communist China).  “Wrong is Wrong,” was the Tweet, with a link to an article in support of Uyghurs and other Muslim ethnic minority people in concentration camps in western Xinjiang province. China has reportedly some 3 million people in the camps.  “Gobert’s statement elicited praise widely on social media, not just from Uyghur activists but from at least two senators: Sens. Josh Hawley and Rick Scott. His post also began making the rounds on Friday in Hong Kong protest circles.”  Needless to say, Lebron James (#1 FEAR) has made no such Tweet.

Meanwhile, we’ve long told you of Spurs Coach Greg Popovich’s #16 BCIL Brain Type, a design generally prone to put “feelings” aside, particularly in stressful situations.  Of course, one of Greg’s star players used to be Tony Parker, another #10 BCAR like Golbert.  Remember, Type-students, that #10s are dominant Animates, and while they may do a good job hiding their feelings (as Back brain dominant), they cannot rid themselves of those feelings.  One author recently revealed, “As Spurs faithful can likely attest, Popovich was visibly tough on Parker when he arrived in San Antonio at the age of 19. The extent of which Parker details vividly. ‘At any rate, during my rookie season, I sometimes had tears in my eyes in the shower after practice,’ writes Parker. ‘All he did was push me.  Push me to test my limits. But there were never limits…I took it throughout my entire career. I never broke down in front of him or the team. I sometimes went home defeated and asking myself if I really wanted to continue playing for that coach.”

At times it got pretty bad, but look who stood up for Tony during the worst of it.  “It sometimes bordered on abuse with me,” Parker writes. “Once we were watching film, and he was screaming at me, insisting that I reply. Actually, he was waiting for a confrontation. I didn’t answer. I just looked at him. Then he kicked me out of the meeting: ‘Out of the room!’ All because I didn’t say a word. Tim stood up and came to my defense: ‘That’s enough, Pop. It’s gone too far.’”  Yes, Tim Duncan is a #2 BEAR, another dominant Animate.

Birds of a feather must flock together!

Written by: Staff
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