The Houston Rockets have a new head coach in town, and by Brain Type standards he’s a rare one, especially for the position.  We’re talking about Stephen Silas, son of longtime professional coach Paul Silas.  Father Paul is a #2 BEAR, while son Stephen is a #10 BCAR.  Both designs are not commonly found at the coaching position.  Remember that the #2 and #10 are dominant Animates.  Not only that, they are both Back-brain dominant.  This makes for individuals who are typically reserved, low-energy, and non-executive.  Remember, while #7s and #15s are strongest in the Q3 region of the brain (also known as the Front-Left region, or “Executive” region), Q2s, like the two Silas boys, are wired in the exact opposite.  That being the case, Houston management sure hopes Stephen can figure out a way to use star guards James Harden (#1 FEAR) and John Wall (#13 FCIR) in tandem.

In typical BCAR fashion, Stephen was skeptical he would land the job.  “He said he wasn’t going to get this job,” father Silas said. “I told him it was going to happen. I knew it was going to happen for him. They wanted to get him. He said, ‘I don’t think it’s going to happen, Dad.’ I said, ‘It is.’ And it did. I’m just happy as heck.”  To be sure, #10s lack confidence in and of themselves, gathering it overtime with help from supportive parenting, ala Tiger Woods, Grant Hill, or Michael Jackson.  Stephen has helped coach under his dad’s tutelage for a number of years, aiding such players as Luka Doncic (#13 FCIR), Stephen Curry (#13 FCIR), and Kemba Walker (#5 FEIR).  He has even been referred to as “the guard whisperer.”

Well, if any Brain Type is good at whispering, it’s the #10!

Written by: Staff
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