In previous articles we had detailed his fight with pancreatic cancer, and unfortunately that fight ended for Alex Trebek several weeks ago when the world said goodbye to television’s most beloved game show host.  Trebek, a #15 FCIL, wasn’t necessarily known for his kindness or soft charm.  Instead, to America, Trebek was seen as a reliable father-figure that one could trust and admire as he relentlessly hosted “Jeopardy!” from year to year for 37 years, even in spite of his enduring pain due to his illness in recent months.  As one author writes, “He was the model of a steady and predictable host — a no-nonsense presence, efficient in his role and comforting in his orderliness.”

 If that doesn’t describe the #15 FCIL to a “T”, nothing does.

And in typical #15 fashion, Trebek could sometimes be condescending.  He often “commanded” games, repeating a clue with a sense of condescension.  He told the New York Times that when an obvious answer was missed by contestants, “he deliberately struck a tone that was meant to convey: ‘How can you not get this? This is not rocket science.'”  (In similar fashion, America’s 45th president, another #15 BT, has demonstrated condescension when confronting the misinformed.)

Trebek hosted more than 8,000 episodes of “Jeopardy!”, and in 2014 he set the record for hosting the most episodes of a single game show, surpassing Bob Barker from “The Price is Right”.

Trebek was 80 years young.

Written by: Staff
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