Here’s a bit of opposite Brain Type news we found amusing.

Soccer’s Lionel Messi transferred to the Paris Saint-Germain football club recently, and his method of payment has the world talking.  Messi’s payment included cryptocurrency fan tokens, which is yet another new digital asset similar to bitcoin.  It was not revealed how much he was actually paid in the cryptocurrency, but it is said to be a “large number.”  Of course, the BTInsider has written many times before regarding the financial savvy of #6 BEIRs.  Whether the decision was good on Lionel’s part, one can only speculate, but we can at least be confident that he did not decide on a whim.  BEIRs are tactical realists, which comes in handy in the financial world.  Shaquille O’Neal (#6) has made a name for himself over the last decade for his financial prowess, as with superstar Michael Jordan (#6).  Interestingly enough, Allen Iverson has gotten a bad rap for living beyond his means, which only goes to show that humans are, in fact, humans.  Still, Iverson made a nice deal with Reebok roughly 20 years ago that will see him drawing from some very significant funds in just a few years.

Lastly, here’s a funny story coming from the opposite Brain Type, the #11 FCAL.  Anyone remember basketball’s Fred Hoiberg?  Back during the 1995 NBA combine, Hoiberg and some fellow hopefuls were separated into groups, one of them being for measurements.  Before his measurements, Hoiberg’s noticed a cord under the carpet, and quickly stood on it.  In his own words, while laughing, “It was definitely to inflate my height.  I thought it was smart.”  Hoiberg ended up measuring 6 feet 5 3/4 without shoes. “I’m absolutely not that size,” he said. “This was a wise business decision.”

Guess it goes to show that #11s can also be financially savvy!

Written by: Staff
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