So Lebron James has seemingly turned tough guy over the last several years, at least in regards to his “personality”.  In interviews, games, or other appearances on and off the court, Lebron scarcely breaks a smile, leading some BT enthusiasts to question whether he really is an Animate “feeler”.  Those close to him, however, know the real King James.

First, remember Lebron is a #1 FEAR, making him a dominant Empirical, not dominant Animate.  Taking in the here-and-now, real-world is his greatest cerebral strength, whereas his Back brain cousin, the #2 BEAR, is in fact a dominant Animate.  Without this understanding, it’s easy to misunderstand some #1s to be Inanimate “thinkers”, particularly when they’re angry or passionate about something.

But as far as the real Lebron James, how’s this for some insight from former teammate Kyle Kuzma?  “The personality you see right now, the Taco Tuesdays and all that’s his person, that’s his real personality. The stuff you see on TV is the stuff he had to create for the world.”  Kuzma again went on to say, “Man, he’s like a little @ss kid.  But he’s, like, an 18-year-old too at the same time. You know what I mean? I just feel like it’s the best part about him. Like, everyone is human.”

 It’s unfortunate Lebron hasn’t displayed his playful, true self for audiences for quite some time now.  His attempts at putting on an unhappy, even angry countenance often times just doesn’t bode well with him.  This persona has emerged from going public with his political views, and often without him studying both sides of issues, much criticism has come his way.  Many of his stances are easily refuted, since his viewpoint and reasons are shallow.  Even Michael Jordan (#6 BEIR) played the occasional nice guy, and ran from politics, increasing his popularity among a wide variety of fans.  Unlike Michael, however, Lebron is inherently the nice guy.  He just simply needs to tone down his negative emotions while accentuating the positives.

Written by: Staff
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