If one were to ask which Brain Type is most ‘in-the-moment’, and perhaps the most prone to do something ‘illogical’ in-the-moment, the answer might be one of two Brain Types.  Both the #1 FEAR and the #2 BEAR tend to act first, think later, unless good nurture and/or parenting have been present in their lives.  Remember, they are both Empirical, Right brain dominant designs, which in sports can work to their advantage.  In studios?  Sometimes not so much!

While recounting a funny story on Monday Night Football, Eli Manning (#2 BEAR) put up both middle fingers as he told how a young boy flipped him off years ago at a Philadelphia Eagles game.   Eli recounted the incident on live television to his brother Peyton (#5 FEIR) and former Eagles defensive end Chris Long (#13 FCIR), apparently unaware that, not only could his #2 fingers not be “bleeped” out, but such a gesture wasn’t welcomed on national television.  After a quick commercial break, Eli went on to apologize, saying, “Earlier I gave the double bird, I’m sorry, I guess that’s frowned upon.  That’s what a 9-year-old did to me, I thought I could do it back.”

Of course, many #2s are practically kids-at-heart their entire  lives, but that doesn’t excuse acting like a 9-year back to someone you’re trying help with his immaturity!  Considering Eli’s background, you would have expected a greater demonstration of adult maturity and reasoning on national TV, but an in-the-moment #2 can even defy those explanations!

On the other hand, brother Peyton, the # 5 inborn Master-Jokester, would normally be the one to pull a daring move to get a laugh, but with his refined background and innate quick thinking/ Inanimate BT reasoning, he’s much more likely to avoid the public mental snafus of the 1s and 2s.

Written by: Staff