She made her tennis debut at the 2021 Nottingham Open last June as a wild card, only a month later to again, as a wild card, debut at Wimbledon and make it to the 4th round.  Her name is Emma Raducanu, and she’s the latest U.S. Open champion, having never played a top-40 player until competing in New York and winning it all.  In just a few short months, Emma has risen from No. 150 to No. 23 in the WTA rankings!

In her own words after the victory, “Thank you all for making me feel so at home from my first qualifying match all the way to the final. I loved playing in front of you and you’ve really spurred me on in some very difficult moments.”

You can bet she means what she says, considering Emma Raducanu is a #9 FCAR.  The #9 feeds off the energy of the crowd like few other Brain Types (yet can conversely shut down due to a negative crowd).  Raducanu is charming and as athletic as anyone on Tour, not dropping a single set in the entire tournament (the last player to do so was #1 FEAR Serena Williams in 2014).  If one includes her three qualifying matches where she won six sets, that’s 20 straight set wins!  Emma has certainly become a fan-favorite, with her infectious smile and signature “fist pump” after winning crucial points.  She again reiterated to the crowd, “Having you guys cheer me on, thank you so much, New York. Thank you.”

Can anyone remember when #13 FCIR Pete Sampras won his first U.S. Open?  He was cool, calm, and collected, and said after the victory, “I had absolutely no nerves or anything about being in my first Grand Slam final.  It was great, I had a great time out there.”  Although Raducanu and Sampras are different wirings, they both are dominant Conceptual Right brainers.  When they are able to access the “zone”, where they are not forced to spend much time in their least developed function of the brain (Back-Left Empirical), their anxiety vanishes, and they can easily cruise to victory.  Although we did not have special access to Emma’s brain, she likely was in such a zone, similar to Sampras!

And last, if you watched Emma play or have seen clips of her matches, she also demonstrates all the #9 motor/ physical attributes. She’s highly coordinated, quick with her extremities, full of energy with no quit within, adept with the backhand, and so much more. BTI told some folks after Emma won her 3 qualifying matches that she was someone to buy stock in (if only we could have!), since she not only would soon become a stellar player but her # charm would capture the tennis world—any beyond.  Wow, has that ever become true.

Written by: Stafff
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