We find it funny when folks who don’t know Brain Typing find Animate “feelers” to be particularly nice.  Given just a decent amount of good upbringing, #2 BEARs, as dominant Animates, typically are gentle, kind people.  Such recently has been the case with Blazer’s new Head coach Chauncy Billups.  In an article posted last week, the author went on to write, “Each morning, every employee is at some point greeted by a good morning’ from Billups.”  Chauncy himself, however, doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.  “Yeah, but that’s not a thing. That’s just who I am.  You see people, you say ‘hello,’ you talk to them. That’s how I was raised. Really, I’m not going out of my way. Everybody will find that the things I do, it’s just who I am. I don’t go out of my way or fake this or that … I’m not into that. But that’s just how I was raised, man. I speak to people, I’m pleasant every day. My life is beautiful … so the fact that’s a thing is just weird to me.”

Sounds like a thankful, friendly fellow indeed!  Niednagel knew and tried to encourage Chauncy a back during his tenure with the Minnesota Timberwolves, and he also found him to be a pleasant and genuinely sincere young man. Even just a few years ago, JN unexpectedly bumped into CB in a hotel lobby, and not to JN’s surprise, Chauncy was as amicable and gracious as ever.

That’s some sound teaching from Mr. Billups, teaching we can all apply to ourselves in whatever positions we may be in at home or at work.

Written by: Staff