Time for some scattered news from the NBA, all from an inborn BT perspective!

More and more continues to leak from the Scottie Pippen / Michael Jordan saga.  Reading about their troubled relationship has been a real treat for Brain Typists, not because anyone is happy that they didn’t necessarily get along, but rather because the nature of how they differed as people and players and their respective #2 BEAR and #6 BEIR Brain Types has been a lesson for us to learn from.  Case in point … Sam (author) Smith was quote last week stating how Pippen attempted to stay in Michael’s inner circle.  “He (Pippen) actually had this curious ambivalence with Jordan.  He wanted to be accepted and part of Jordan’s orbit … and then he (Jordan) would belittle Pippen when he was trying to be considered an equal, and then Pippen would go sort of crawling back to Horace Grant and the guys because he wasn’t accepted like he wanted to be.”  Notice the name Horace Grant, who is another #2 BEAR.  Yes, the unhealthy dominant Inanimate “mean” side of Michael Jordan continually put the softer and more relational Scottie Pippen back in his place, over and over again.  It seems in just the last several years Scottie is now voicing all the pain and anger he felt during his long tenure as Michael’s side-kick.

Speaking of Animates, Kevin Porter had a big ‘feely’ post game hug with coach Paul Silas after he made a game-winning 3-pointer against the Warriors the other night.  Afterwards Porter stated, “He (Coach Silas) means everything to me and we mean everything to him…hugs & love is all you can give & we shared a moment & we just gotta keep growing.”  Meaning, Silas said, “There’s times where you wanna hug a guy like that. And that was the perfect opportunity. I would’ve hugged him that way, make or miss. One of the best moments of the year.”  Silas is a #10 BCAR, and while he is not the most strategic or tactical of coaches, he sure knows how to love on his players, win or lose!

Lastly, and back to another #6 BEIR, did anyone catch Lance Stephenson’s 30-point explosion against the New Jersey Nets?  Due to the shortage of healthy players, Lance was called up from the lowly G-League to give the Indiana Pacers a booster (no, not the covid shot).  After a 125-113 win against the Utah Jazz the other night, introspective coach Rick Carlisle (#16 BCIL) told the media about Stephenson: “Lance has given us a different vibe as a team. The spark he provides, the personality, there is a change in our team.”  No kidding!  Carlisle knows and believes in Brain Typing, but he probably didn’t realize the full weight of what he said when he mentioned Lance bringing a different “personality” to the team!  Lance shares Michael Jordan’s same inborn design, though that’s not say he IS Michael Jordan.  Still, when utilized correctly, Lance has the innate capability to bring that fiery intensity to the Pacers team that only a true #6 can bring!  Indiana is expected to sign Lance for the remainder of the season.  From a Brain Type’s perspective, that’s a no-brainer – if he can corral his intensity on and off the court!

Written by: Staff
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