“Why do we ask kids to learn and don’t teach them about their brain?”  Now that’s a good question!  It was recently posed by none other than aging actress Goldie Hawn, who in recent months has been an advocate for children and the negative impact of our response the Covid pandemic.  The Academy award-winning actress has been using her voice to warn others that the trauma caused by lockdowns and masks is stressing our children who “aren’t able to manage what’s going on.”

Leave it to the often child-at-heart #9 FCAR to see and respond to this “pandemic” of our own making.  “We’re dealing right now with a mental illness pandemic. Mental illness is something that can actually last; it’s very, very dangerous. If we don’t look at it and know what and how to handle it, then we’re not going to win this battle with kids.”

Depression rates among both adults and children have greatly escalated since Covid lockdowns began, and is  “hurting a generation of kids” and that “we’ve failed them as a nation.”  Ms. Hawn has been an advocate for children’s mental health since founding the MindUp in 2003 to “help children develop the knowledge and tools they need to manage stress, regulate emotions and face the challenges of the 21st century with optimism, resilience and compassion.”  

We can definitely observe patterns among children of different Brain Types as they deal with negative emotions (from stress).  Young girls with Goldie’s design, for instance, have a tendency toward ‘meltdowns’, for lack of a better term, where their posterior, Animate ‘feelings’ suddenly reign paramount, expressing themselves in their extraverted Front brain..  When this happens, they may need to stop and take time to ‘cool down’ in order to resolve a problem.  On the other hand, a #16 BCIL young boy may tend towards anger, or seclusion, or silence, when emotions run high.  Learning to draw them out with kind and unhurried conversation may do wonders in helping them cope with a situation.

Good on Goldie for tackling an issue that “science” is choosing to ignore!

Written by: Staff