It’s not too often we see #11 FCALs get inducted into the Hall of Fame, so we had to report this one.  Football fans may remember coach Dick Vermeil, and he is only one of six coaches in NFL history to lead two different football teams to the Super Bowl.  The first was with the Eagles to Super Bowl XV against the Raiders at the Superdome in 1980, and the second was 19 years later when he won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams over the Titans at the Georgia Dome.

Says Ron Jaworski (#13 FCIR), who quarterbacked for the Eagles six seasons for Vermeil, “He was a compassionate, caring coach who, to this day, has a bond with his former players. He cared about people. A lot of coaches in today’s NFL use players as disposable products. Coach cared. When players left the game, he reached out and showed that he cared about the players as people.”

Yes, a unique quality when it comes to the typical rough and gruff NFL coach these days.  In fact, according to another source, “Vermeil is remembered for his frequent emotional breakdowns during press conferences, including crying when getting emotional. This display of emotion has helped make him a popular coach among fans.”  Remember that as an #11, Dick is a dominant Animate, given to his emotions much more readily then many Inanimate or dominant Inanimate Brain Types.

Don’t be fooled, however, into thinking that Vermeil wasn’t tough on hard work and doing things correctly.  “I always say that I wish I could be more like Dick Vermeil, because he did everything the right way,” five-time Pro Bowl linebacker Bill Bergey said. “He instilled in us the hard work that we were going to go through and he had certain things that he commanded.”

Congratulations, Dick.  It seems the honor couldn’t have gone to a better man.

Written by: Staff