Tennis star Naomi Osaka may have lost in the Australian Open recently, but she seems to be winning in a far more important way … being happy.  In fact, she blew two match points in the 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (5) loss to Amanda Anisimova.  Yet, after one crucial point, she shrugged her shoulders, gestured wildly, and then laughed.  She said afterwards, “I fought for every point\.  I can’t be sad about that. You know, I’m not God, I can’t win every match. So I just have to take that into account and know that it would be nice to win the tournament, but that’s, like, really special.”  She then added, “For me, I feel like I grew a lot in this match. The last match that I played  I think I had a completely different attitude, so I’m really happy with — you know, of course I lost, but I’m happy with how it went.”

Inside Naomi is a fun-loving, playful girl who just wants to love life and be loved.  A #2 BEAR, last year was a major struggle for her as she could be seen rarely smiling and made headlines for refusing to talk to reporters.  As of the last few months, however, Naomi seems to be recovering her joy in tennis.  “I just felt like there are situations where I previously would get upset. But at this point in my life, like, I’m here because I want to be here and because I find that it’s fun for me. Might as well enjoy it while I still can.”

Remember that Q2s (Back, Right brainers) can be extremely competitive.  Losing can cause intense emotion within themselves, whether seen or unseen by others.  Naomi shared this idea recently when she laughed after a missed shot “It’s not an automatic thing to laugh about it.  I’m trying to change my mindset.”

Good for Naomi!  After losing to Amanda Anisimova this week, she ran to the net and warmly congratulated her, afterwards walking into the “news conference with a smile.” She called the match “pretty high-level” and “fun” before she even answered any questions.

Any person, of any Brain Type, can work on improving themselves, physically, mentally, or spiritually.  We all have BT-related predispositions, but aren’t set in stone.  Naomi has seemingly recognized that she has been allowing the fun in her life to slip away, and she has determined this year to change that.  “I just want to go into this year knowing that I’ll play the whole year and I’ll just have the greatest attitude ever.”

Written by: Staff
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