They are the very definition of the term “steady workhorse.”  Day after day, month after month, year after year, they will typically outlast you come hell or highwater.  Great leaders?  Not usually.  Great inventors or entertainers?  Rarely.  Rather, they are dependable, reliable, constant, and quite predictable.  We are talking about the #16 BCIL.

Remember DIck Bavetta, the longest lasting NBA referee in in history?  Yes, he is a #16 BCIL.  Now, another #16 is making history in the NBA, and ironically he’s overtaking yet another #16 to do it.  Gregg Popovich is now just one win away from becoming the NBA’s all-time winningest coach, tying Don Nelson’s (#16 BCIL) record with his 1,335th career victory as coach with the San Antonio Spurs.  During a timeout against the Lakers recently, true to his dry wit, Popovich called to David Robinson (#9 FCAR) sitting in the stands to suit up and check into the game.

Don Nelson accomplished the winning feat coaching several teams, but Popovich has been with the Spurs since the beginning.  Does anyone remember how Greg became coach?  He was San Antonio’s general manager, and ended up firing Bob Hill (#13 FCIR?) to take his place.  He has since won five championships, reached the NBA Finals a total of six times and helped develop a number of players, including Tony Parker (#10 BCAR).

Of course, everyone knows Gregg is a strange duck.  While some #16s can be more personable (on the surface) and diplomatic, Gregg doesn’t care much for image.  “I try not to get impressed. I just try to look at what I see,” he once said.  Other #16 NBA coaches include(d) Rick Carlisle and Phil Jackson.

Written by: Staff
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