At 7-feet tall, the Phoenix Suns’ Deandre Ayton is a #1 FEARAs such, he enjoys having fun, living life in-the-moment, and doing things that just feel good to him.  For Deandre, that includes playing lots of video games.  So much so, in fact, that he actually plays about 4 hours a day.

Ayton, of course, owns a big screen, and he particularly enjoys playing NBA 2K.  Needless to say, he’s a dedicated gamer.  He emphasizes that family comes first, as the father of a 1-year-old, but after family he’ll settle down “for several hours — at least four or five — to play NBA 2K.”   Deandre went on to say, “It’s so hard for me to sleep after long games, especially big, long games.  I don’t know why, but I occupy my time with the game. I connect with some of my people. I got brothers in the UK. I got family in Jamaica and the Bahamas.  During that game, we talk our smack. Whoever we just beat up on, we talk about it and laugh about it. I ain’t going to bed until 4 or 5 a.m. That’s how serious it gets.”

Ayton is from the Bahamas, and the transition was difficult, fighting bouts of loneliness and rejection due to his “size” and “color” “I would never wish that on nobody,” he says. “That type of stuff builds a hole in your heart. You have a big heart, but nobody sees the heart. You want to give the heart, but nobody wants the heart. And I had that at a young age where I didn’t even want to be here. I didn’t want to be here.”

Yes, a big man with a big #1 heart!  Just be sure, Deandre, to always keep that big heart tuned into family first over video games!

Written by: Staff