In a bit of a comical story, former NBA  all-star Grant Hill (#10 BCAR) recently related an incident involving fellow teammate J.J. Reddick (#6 BEIR) back when Riddick was just a rookie.  On the latest episode of Redick’s podcast, The Old Man & the Three, Hill tells the story about how the Orlando Magic dealt with Redick’s tardiness during his first season.

“You were late one day,” says Hill.  “You were late many days, You might have shown up when practice was over. The veterans brought you in the locker room and they put you in a chair, one of those swivel chairs that someone wheels. And they’re starting to talk to [Reddick], ‘You can’t do this, blah, blah, blah,’ and then they just duct-tape [Redick] to the chair and then they wheel [Reddick] into the showers and turn the showers on and then Hedo Turkoglu (#13 FCIR) says, ‘Let’s pee on him,’ and I’m like, ’No, no, no, no, no, we can’t.’

Leave it to the overly creative #13 Turkoglu to make the gross suggestion!

Hill went on to say, “But just remembering that moment, and trying to be like, ‘O.K., this is my guy, but you know, we gotta do a little rookie hazing, but I’m not gonna let you pee on him.’”

And yes, leave it to the dominant Animate Hill to be more apt to show compassion towards the youngster J.J.  In Reddick’s own words, “I’m gonna be honest with you; you guys were brutal to me.  I didn’t know that level of hatred existed before I even showed up. Part of it was me being a little immature, fairly immature, and my natural brashness, confidence that I give off. So I probably was an @hole my rookie year.”

We wonder, had the rolls been reversed, if the dominant Inanimate Reddick would have displayed the same compassion towards Hill?  Perhaps the older, matured Reddick may have, but the immature rookie #6 Reddick?  Wouldn’t count on it!

Written by: Staff
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