If you know #9 FCARs well enough, you’ll know that deep down they want to be appreciated, accepted, and they want to be loved.  Sure, they may have a tough exterior at times (think of Kanye West), but so much of what they do is meant to be noticed by others.  They love to display their talents, and the “Pied Piper” wants others to follow.  At any rate, when they don’t feel “the love”, don’t expect them to hang around too long.  Golf’s Sergio Garcia (#9 FCAR) is a recent example of that,

“I am quite clear about what I am going to do with the European circuit. Probably leave it,” Garcia told reporters after the British Open on Sunday. “I want to play where I feel loved, and right now in the European Tour I am not feeling loved.”  How that’s for not beating around the bush?  Sergio went on to say (in slightly broken English), “When Thomas Bjorn — former Ryder Cup captain — came to the BMW Championship and told us: ‘We don’t love any of you and all players say so.’ … I already have an age and had enough suffering to be enduring nonsense like that.  That’s not pretty. I have given more than half my life to the European Tour and I wanted to continue playing it, but I am not going to be where they don’t want me.”

Of course, Garcia is just one of many golfers who have recently left the PGA to join the more financially lucrative Saudi-funded LIV Golf series.  While some see this as pure capitalism in action, others view it as hypocritical when considering Saudi Arabia’s history of human rights abuses.  To be sure, the latter have a point.  While celebrities and athletes may cry foul from the housetops regarding liberties (ala #1 FEAR Lebron James while in bed with communist China), joining oneself with such liberty-abusing countries doesn’t quite add up.  While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with taking on a higher paying job, it’s a sad commentary on many players to see them so quickly joining hands with oppressive oligarchs.

Written by: Staff
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