When it comes to any sport, finding a successful dominant Left brain athlete is always a real treat.  That is, at least, to any Brain Type enthusiasts.  While only a few decades ago finding a proficient “L” on the field or court wasn’t all too unheard of, nowadays it has become increasingly difficult.  This is why we wanted to take a few moments to highlight a quarterback in the NFL who has made a name for himself and who is, yes, a dominant Left brainer.

If you’re an NFL fan, you have definitely heard of him.  His name is Kirk Cousins, and he’s been in the league now for 10 years.  Looking at Kirk’s stats, we see that he has been no shabby quarterback.  Kirk ranks third all-time in completion percentage with at least 1,500 pass attempts, and he is sixth in the NFL’s all-time regular season career passing rating.  Drafted by the Redskins in 2012, he has gone on to the Pro Bowl in 2016 and again in 2021.

With Kirk’s big smile and charming personality, some of our readers might be able to take an educated guess at his inborn Brain Type.  To be sure, Kirk is an #11 FCAL.  Can anyone think of any other #11 quarterbacks in NFL history?  All in all, the only recognizable names are Drew Bledsoe and Vinny Testaverde.  As for Cousins himself, critics have praised his arm strength while downplaying his decision making.  As one author writes, “He is a very intelligent individual but has a tendency to force throws into tight windows where there are several defenders in coverage, consequently putting his team in danger of turning the ball over.”  Remember that this should come as no surprise to Brain Type enthusiasts.  Cousins, as a Conceptual Left brainer, does not naturally see the field as well as a dominant Right brain quarterback (especially dominant Empirical, Right brain quarterbacks).  What is called “tunnel vision” can take over, particularly when they’re nervous and uptight.  In fact, another critique of Cousins amid pocket pressure goes something like this: “He tends to panic and the quality in his mechanics tends to drop, causing poor throws.”  No, we didn’t write this, but we could have, knowing that the mechanics of any Left brain athlete can go WAY south when the pressure hits.

Still, Cousins has led quite a successful career, and the Vikings just dropped $35 million on him through 2023.  If nothing else, Kirk has shown that #11s can still make it in the NFL with hard work and determination.  Off the field, one couldn’t find a nicer guy, which again comes as little surprise.  Also to no surprise, before football Cousins sought a medical profession, but in his own words, “I really put the medical school thing on hold and really chased after my football dream. And I guess I’m still chasing.”  And lastly, as a strong professing Christian, Cousins once answered the question of the toughest challenge he’s ever faced, “Discipleship, following Jesus Christ is the toughest thing that you’re going do in your whole life. You’re not going to find anything tougher.”

Written by: Staff