The topic is a big one, with likely no one individual who can claim complete innocence in a family that happens to be the most closely watched in the entire world.  Yet, we want to touch upon it briefly, primarily because it reveals Brain Type so clearly, as well as Type behavior in general.

England’s Prince Harry (#1 FEAR) has shaken the world with his new autobiography, “Spare,” in which he details his difficult life growing up in the royal household.  The title for the book came from a term that was allegedly used by his father, Prince Charles (#16 BCIL), when Harry was born.  In Harry’s own words,  “I was twenty the first time I heard the story of what Pa allegedly said to Mummy the day of my birth,” Harry writes. “Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an Heir and a Spare — my work is done. A joke. Presumably.”

Ouch.  Of course, Charles has always been known as the cold type, so the quote isn’t out of character.  After Diana’s death, Charles apparently didn’t even embrace young Harry, but simply (and unemotionally) told him of the tragic news.  In other parts of the book, however, Harry does write positively towards his father and brother.  His main target, rather, seems to be Camilla (#11 FCAL), who usurped his mother Diana (#3 FEAL) well into their infamous marriage.  Yes, lest anyone think the #11 is always the innocent bystander, they can be unbelievably deceptive with their mask of charm in order get what they want.  In Camilla’s case, it was Charles.

At any rate, leave it to Harry, the dominant Empirical, Right brainer, to stir up trouble, whether for right reasons or wrong.  Still, anyone who saw Harry’s interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper (#13 FCIR) could quickly gather that Harry spoke plainly and candidly, which was quite refreshing.  While Meghan Markle (#13 FCIR) may be another story, viewers could tell Harry didn’t have a rehearsed speech ready for Anderson, which of course is quite apropos for his design.  He spoke as one spoke to an acquaintance in a closed room … while millions watched.  The only differ

It’s a mess, for sure, and while it’s difficult to decipher lies from truth, we do see the truths of BT being revealed throughout the ordeal.  Lips are tight, and in a family consisting of several dominant Left brainers (William, Charles, Camilla, and the former Queen Elisabeth) it’s no surprise why.  Harry is a lone voice, and rather than bring down, we hope he uses his voice to bring positive change.

Written by: Staff
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