If you’re an NBA fan and you haven’t yet heard of Mac McClung, well then, you’re just not really an NBA fan.

The NBA All-Star weekend took place last week in Utah, and a believe it or not, a non-NBA player won the slam dunk contest!  He’s a fellow from the 76ers G-League, and he scored a perfect 50s on all but one of his dunks to win the contest over Trey Murphy III (#10 BCAR) of the Pelicans in the final.  Guess who was the only judge to give McClung a 49.8 rating?  You’ll find out in a second!

So, did you see any of Mac’s dunks?  He delivered an impressive “360-degree plus”, which means he did a 360 plus a few more degrees in an added reversal.  That move certainly impressed Dominique Wilkins (#6 BEIR), the two-time dunk contest champion and one of the judges who gave Mac a big hug afterwards.  The other judges included Harold Minor (#13 FCIR), Lisa Leslie (#7 FEIL), Karl Malone (#5 FEIR), and Jamal Crawford (FCIR).  Yes, the ever-critiquing #7 Leslie was the only judge not to score a perfect 50!

So what’s Big Mac’s Brain Type?  Look at his face.  Look at his dunks.  Look at his smile.  Yes, McClung is the quinteicential #1 FEAR.

Two things we want our readers to notice about Mac.  First, he is a two-footed jumper.  Second, and more importantly, he is ambidextrous, utilizing the Right brain even more than strictly right-handed #1s.  FEARs are not only gross motor dominant, but when they implement the left hand/ side, they can get extra big-muscle control.

Mac went on to jump over two friends with another astounding reverse dunk, tapping the glass along the way before putting the ball down.  And this is a guy who is only 6’2 (and dare we say it, white!).  The peripheral awareness of Mac is what’s perhaps most amazing, knowing exactly where the hoop is after spinning around so many times.  The man is a #1 machine.

Will this get Mac McClung into the NBA?  He is the first to admit he needs to work on his ball-handling skills, but perhaps a few lessons from fellow #1 guards like James Harden or Chris Paul could help straighten him out!

Written by: Staff
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