We wanted to stop for a moment to remember Chris Ford, most well-known for being the first NBA player ever to hit a three-point shot.  Ford, a #7 FEIL, won a title with the Boston Celtics in 1981, and went on to coach four NBA teams including Boston, Milwaukee, and the L.A. Clippers.

Chris Ford, who sported a mustache for most of his life, wasn’t always known as the smiley type.  He was, however, known for being a good grandfather, father, and husband, and according to an old friend, Chris was “a creative, gifted tough (Villanova) guard.  He was more of an idol when I knew him as a great man, loyal friend and passionate (Villanova) alumni.”  Regarding his game, John Havlicek (#13 FCIR) said of him, “I’ve always liked him because he is so fundamentally sound.”  That’s a good way of describing the Left brain dominant #7!

And like the no-nonsense, Empirical FEIL that he was, Chris was realistically aware of his own strengths and weaknesses on the court.  “If you matched me up with any 10 guards in the league for a footrace, I’d finish 10th,” he once said.  “But that’s no indication of what I can do defensively. I like to think I’m an intelligent player on the floor. At 6-5, I can drop off that extra step to prevent quicker guys from driving on me, and I can still bother them on their shot.”  And again, regarding his shooting style, “I think that set shot is my best shot.  Stand still. Look at the label. Shoot. Yeah, I’d have to say that’s my best shot.”

Chris Ford was 74 years old.

Written by: Staff
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