We wanted to briefly mention a recent headline not so much due to what happened, but rather due to the Brain Types of those involved.  Does anyone remember that actress Brooke Shields was married to tennis star Andre Agassi some 25 years ago?  Talk about a strange (and unique) pair!  Shields is a #11 FCAL, while Agassi is her near opposite, a #5 FEIR.  The marriage only lasted two years, with Agassi saying later, “I think at that time in my life, I couldn’t be married to anyone.  I think timing is really important. You need in a marriage, two people who understand themselves, and I certainly didn’t understand myself.”

Years later Agassi went on to marry another tennis star by the name of Steffi Graf.  For starters, it’s astounding that Andre married another tennis star!  Even more astounding, however, is the fact that he married a woman with the exact opposite Brain Type of Ms. Shields, a #6 BEIR!  Lastly, and arguably even more astounding … Andre and Steffi are still married after 21 years!  Agassi candidly has said about the marriage, “She was a step in the right direction for me. I was a step in the wrong direction for her probably.”

To find a #5 and #6 marriage is a rarity, let alone one that has last for over 20 years!  Remember, both Steffi and Andrew are ‘EI’ Hawks.  As such, they are grounded in the “here and now,” and as Inanimates, logic is important to both of them (especially Steffi, the dominant ‘I’.  Again, in Andre’s own words, “We have no interest in creating unnecessary attention and we thrive in our own environment, which is our lives as a whole.”  And what does Graff have to say about the marriage?   “I think you need two whole people that truly don’t need each other, respect and love each other in a way that has full discipline and commitment. We are two individuals that have lived full lives and we don’t react to each other, we respond to each other.”

Did you catch anything about Steffi’s quote?  “…two people that truly don’t need each other.”  To be sure, the #5 and #6 are two of the most independent Brain Types of the entire 16.  While #11 Shields is a woman who thrives on the attention of others, Graf is wired far differently, and couldn’t care less.  As such, the marriage, for 20 years at least, has worked out, and the couple currently have two children.

Written by: Staff
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