He was a superstar in his own right, a cold-blooded #6 BEIR who, along with fellow #6 Gary Payton (a bit more fiery version), led the Seattle Supersonics in 1996 to the NBA Finals against the Chicago Bulls.  They pushed the series to a game 6, only to fall short to fellow #6 Michael Jordan.  Still, he would forever engrain his name as one of the all-time best.

We’re talking about Shawn Kemp, who was involved in a shooting recently that has become an ongoing police investigation.  Kemp was released from jail just a few days ago after an altercation at a parking lot where Shawn apparently “had property stolen from his car” and tracked the guy down (who stole an iPhone).  Kemp allegedly approached the vehicle when the suspect shot at him and he fired back.

Yikes!  Leave it to the bounty hunting #6 to not only be locked and loaded, but also have the guts to approach a random vehicle, and then fire back after being fired at (assuming that’s what happened)!  After all, is an iPhone really worth your life?  For Shawn, who literally tracked the guy down thanks to the tracking technology on his phone, it apparently is.

The moral of the story … if you’re going to steal from one of the #16 Brain Types, best be avoiding the ERs (Empirical, Right Brainers), especially the take-no-prisoners #6.

Written by: Staff
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