Bo knows baseball.  Bo knows football.  Bo has … hiccups?

It’s everyone’s nightmare.  Hiccups.  We’ve all had them, but have you ever had them for more than a day?  Maybe, for a select few, a week?  How about a year?  That’s what former sports sensation Bo Jackson has been dealing with now, and he’s had enough.  According to one source, “Legendary Auburn running back and two-sport athlete Bo Jackson will undergo a procedure later this week to stop the chronic hiccups he’s been experiencing since July of 2022.”

Can you imagine?  Poor Bo.  The #1 FEAR said in a recent interview, “I’ve been busy sitting at the doctor’s poking me, shining lights down my throat, probing me every way they can to find out why I’ve got these hiccups. That’s the only reason I wasn’t there.”  And again, “I have done everything: scare me, hang upside down, drink water, smell the ass of a porcupine,” Jackson added. “It doesn’t work.”

Back in the 80s, without adequate information or interview footage, BTI originally thought Jackson was a #6 BEIR,  He appeared tough and intimidating, and indeed he was, but his motor-skills eventually told a different story.  The way he swung a bat in baseball, and the way he was able to coordinate his body as a running back in football, were astounding.  Look closely, and he also revealed an Animate smile.  Even his facial structure was more that of a #1.  Sure enough, we came to conclude that Bo Jackson indeed was a genuine FEAR.  Then, gathering sufficient interviews on film, we were able to put our conclusion in cement.  Be sure to watch interviews to conclude that for yourself.

Get well, Bo.  We hope the surgery is successful!

Written by: Staff
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