By now, you may have heard the name Luis Arraez.  If not, he is currently the biggest name in baseball.  Letting him speak for himself, Luis recently stated.  “I’m hitting .400 right now. It’s June. I want to continue to play like that and help my team because we’re playing good baseball right now.  It’s fun because everyone is talking about me.”

Notice his last statement.  According to Arraez, everyone is talking about him, which makes it “fun”.  Which Brain Type would say something like this?  If you guessed #1 FEAR (not to mention taking note of his incredible batting average), you got it right.  Last night against the Toronto Blue Jays, Luis went 5-for-5 in a 11-0 route.  “I’m excited for this team,” said Arraez after the game, adding in an Animate, familial #1 tone, “When we get to the clubhouse, we are a family.”  Evidentially, after last night, Luis became the fourth major leaguer since 1900 to have three five-hit games in a month, joining George Sisler, Ty Cobb (#6 BEIR), and Dave Winfield (#5 FEIR).

Arraez’s success can definitely be attributed to his Brain Type, considering his #1 inborn ability to hit the ball to all-fields.  What’s more, his hitting from the left side of the plate increases that ability even more—thanks to the additional engagement of the gross motors.  As one journalist recently put it, “His spray chart looks like a Jackson Pollock painting.”  And again, according to White Sox outfielder Gavin Sheets, “There’s no weakness.  There’s no certain way to pitch him. There’s no certain way to play defense against him because he’s hitting it everywhere. He’s like a softball player. It’s pretty cool to watch. It’s something special right now.”

Will Luis be able to hit .400 for the season?  It hasn’t been done in 82 years since Ted Williams (#6 BEIR).  It’ll be tough, but even if Arraez doesn’t accomplish the feat, at least we know he’s a very special player.  Barring unforeseen difficulties, MLB fans should expect continued success from Luis Arraez for years to come.

Written by: Staff