When it came to his craft, he was a legend.  The name Bobby Knight is synonymous with college basketball itself, standing arguably as tall as that of Johnny Wooden’s (#8 BEIL).  Unlike Wooden, however, Bobby was a tumultuous firebrand, an explosive coach who made sailors blush and young men cry.  He won three national titles at Indiana during his career and led his team to the only undefeated season in history.  Last month, at the age of 83, he passed away.

According to Quinn Buckner … “Well, I don’t know that we will ever see another coach like him again.”  To be sure, given his history and inborn Brain Type, we likely won’t see another man quite like Bobby Knight!  Yet, at the same time, there have been a number of #6 BEIRs on and off the field who shared some striking similarities with him.  Think of fellow college notable Mike Krzyzewski (if looks could kill!), or the late Jerry Sloan of the Utah Jazz.  Think of Jimmy Connors from yesteryear’s tennis, or Pete Rose of baseball.  To be sure, John McEnroe’s fire on the tennis court seemingly matched that of Knight’s any day!

Among the list of “no no’s” that Bobby was penalized for?   There was the time when he grabbed the arm of a freshman student whom he said “greeted him by his last name.”  Another, which was perhaps his most famous incident, was when he threw a chair at a Purdue game.  In 1997 he choked player Neil Reed during basketball  practice.  Yes, “The General” certainly lived up to his name!  In his own words, “Regrets? Sure. Just like the song. I have regrets. I wish I could have done things better at times. I wish I would have had a better answer, a better way, at times. But just like he said, I did it my way, and when I look back on it, I don’t think my way was all that bad.”

In the end, there will never be another Bobby Knight.  There will, however, certainly be more intense #6 BEIRs for years come!

Written by: Staff
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