She was a stalwart front-runner for women.  In fact, she was the first woman to ever serve on the Supreme Court, doing so for nearly 25 years (appointed by #15 FCIL Ronald Reagan in 1981).  Sandra Day O’Connor, 93, passed away weeks ago, and has since been described as “a beloved colleague, a fiercely independent defender of the rule of law, and an eloquent advocate for civics education.”   Other descriptions portray O’Connor as a “remarkable self-confidence and independence,”  and an individual “full of grace and wit.”

Independent.  Perhaps the most appropriate word describing the #16 BCILIt is this exact independence that caused much frustration for many of Sandra’s colleagues over the years.   At times she sided with the court’s conservatives, while at other times she joined the court’s liberals, such as when she affirmed abortion rights, or upheld affirmative action in college admissions.  In 2000 Sandra angered liberals when she voted to end the 2000 Florida recount between George W. Bush (#15 FCIL) and Al Gore (#15 FCIL).

And yes, Sandra was a bit uptight during her life, so much so that it made national headlines when former NFL star John Riggins told her during a formal dinner, “Loosen up, Sandy baby.”  Even after retirement, Sandra rarely stopped to relax from working, saying at one point, “I need to retire from retirement.”

Yes, good advice for some of those #16 BCILs who tend to burn the midnight oil.

Written by: Staff
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