We didn’t want to skip an article on the Super Bowl last month, so here it is.  What did you think of the game?  Did you enjoy watching Travis Kelce (#13 FCIR) chewing out and almost knocking over coach Andy Reid (#7 FEIL)?  Or how about seeing Taylor Swift (#13 FCIR) every 30 minutes cheering on Kelce from her cushy celebrity box?  Yeah, we could have skipped those parts too.

To be sure, it was an exciting game, with the smallest of plays changing the game in big ways.  Watching Dre Greenlaw (#1 FEAR) go down was painful.  Niednagel has written time and again how #1s can be injury-prone when their muscles and tendons tighten up under pressure.  Greenwald suffered a tragic ruptured Achilles on the sideline as he was pumped and about ready to charge the field (he stopped for a moment, and then charged, which likely led to the mishap).  Of course, having Greenlaw out for the rest of the game was huge, likely changing the outcome.

At any rate, then there was Jake Moody’s (#13 FCIR) blocked extra point attempt, which allowed the Chiefs to quickly come back and tie up the game.  Moody’s a great kicker, no question, but his kicks can tend to be low, and it too likely cost them the game.

Or how about Running back Christian McCaffrey’s (#13 FCIR) fumble after the ball hit Chiefs linebacker Leo Chenal’s foot?  The 49ers would recover it and were gifted another touchdown.  Afterwards all McCaffrey had to say was, ““Just can’t put the ball on the ground.”  Not sure what that even means!

Lastly, Chase Young for the 49ers is another #1 FEAR, as are defensive tackles Javon Hargrave and Arik Armstead (just Google ‘Armstead’ and you could Brain Type him blind-folded!).  Fred Warner, who is considered perhaps the best linebacker in the league, is a #13 FCIR.

The 49ers are now licking their wounds as Patrick Maholms (#13 FCIR) and the Chiefs have won their second Super Bowl in a row.  We’ll just have to wait and see if Kelce and Taylor are still an item this time next year when the Super Bowl comes around (start placing your bets!).

Written by: Staff
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