The name Bethany Hamilton (#2 BEAR) made the news this last week, but it wasn’t for her talented surfing ability.  Rather, it was for stirring up controversy regarding men and women in sports.  Or rather, men playing women in sports, which wasn’t even a controversy a decade ago.  My how times change!  At any rate, if our readers don’t remember the name Bethany Hamilton, she was the young girl who was viciously attacked by a shark years ago while surfing in Hawaii, ending up losing her entire arm.  A movie was made of the incident, titled, “Soul Surfer,” and in the film both her Christian faith and her terrible ordeal were showcased.

Back to the controversy, Hamilton took a stand last year when she spoke out against the Work Surf League’s rules governing transgender women in events.  “I personally think that the best solution would be to create a different division so that all can have a fair opportunity to showcase their passion and talent, and I think it’s really hard to imagine what the future of women’s surfing will be like in 15–20 years down the road if we move forward allowing this major change,” Hamilton stated at the time regarding the league’s decision to allow biological men to compete against biological women.  Again this week she doubled down, posting on X, “Male-bodied athletes should not be competing in female sports. Period.”

Commenting later, she again tactfully wrote, “There are different world views and that is part of life. I may not have the perfect answer. But I do feel the way I do and will continue to stand firm in what I shared here.”

Yes, lest the average Typist thinks Animates are too wishy-washy, they can be extremely committed and strong-willed when their values are stepped upon.  For years, Bethany has been known for her kind, caring nature, traveling the country and speaking about overcoming adversity (her parents really pushed the Back brain dominant Hamilton to speak to audiences).  She once said, “Learning how to deal with people and their reactions to my life is one of the most challenging things… people staring at me, people asking rude questions, dealing with media, stuff like that.”

Despite the physical challenge of losing her arm, the Right brain, gross motor Hamilton lastly says, “I don’t know how long I’ll be competing, but I’ll always be surfing. I’ll be surfing until I’m old.”

Written by: Staff
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