The NBA All-Star weekend last month was like watching a rerun from last year, at least when it came to the slam dunk contest.  Remember what happened in 2023?  Mighty Mac McClung, the gravity defying, 6 foot 2 #1 FEAR guard who’s only played four games at the professional level, once again took home the trophy, this time against another fellow #1, Jalen Brown.  Although McClung and Brown share the same Brain Type, they couldn’t be further apart when it comes to class and personality.  We won’t spend the time now, however, detailing the differences between the two in this article.

McClung’s final dunk was fun to watch as he flew over #6 BEIR Shaquille O’Neal, who was wearing McClung’s old college jersey.  Mac leapt (off two feet as is his preference), took the ball out Shaq’s huge hands, and finished with an impressive reverse dunk over the 7-foot-1 legend.  Afterwards, the Animate McClung said, “Shaq was so cool to put that high school jersey on, man, it almost made me emotional that he would do that.  When he put it on, he said, ‘You better not miss it.’ I said, ‘OK, I won’t miss it.’”

Then there were the other two #1 FEARs hosting the All-Star weekend, Charles Barkley and Draymond Green.  Did you catch any of their bantering?  How about when Barkley hilariously said,  “If you had the chance between being cold or being around a bunch of homeless crooks in San Francisco, which would you take?”  There was an awkward laugh from a few of the other hosts (including #6 BEIR Reggie Miller).  Barkley went on to comment, “You can’t even walk around down there.” Green (who plays for San Francisco) replied, “Yes, you can walk around there!”  Barkley replied, “Yeah, with a bulletproof vest.”

Yep, whether it was slamming balls or slamming cities, #1s refreshingly rued the weekend.

Written by: Staff
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