So Major League Baseball’s Shohei Ohtani has been under the microscope the last several weeks.  His ex-translator allegedly stole $4.5 million from him to cover his debts, causing many to wonder just how involved Ohtani himself has been in the gambling scene.  Ohtani publicly addressed the situation for the first time this Monday, saying he never placed sports bets or go through someone else to do so.  His translator insists that Ohtani knowingly payed off his gambling debts to help his close friend.

Chiming in on the situation in a most hilarious way yesterday was former MLB superstar Pete Rose (#6 BEIR).  Looking straight into the camera on social media Rose quipped, “Well, back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, I wish I’d have had an interpreter. I’d be scot-free.” 

Rose denied gambling accusations up until 2004 when he admitted he placed wagers on games only in which he managed (though evidence suggests he gambled while he played as well).  Rose’s 4,256 career hits passed Ty Cobb’s 4,189 for the most in MLB history.  The irony, of course. is that both Cobb and Rose are/were #6 BEIRs.  Adding a bit more irony to the stats is the fact that third on the list for most hits is Hank Aaron, another #6 BEIR.  The laser-guided #6 is amazing gifted at connecting the bat with the ball.

Written by: Staff
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