All right.  It’s been the talk of the town.  Rather, she’s been the talk of the town, and we’re talking about Caitlyn Clark, whose team lost to South Carolina a few days ago in the National Championship.  She faced the likes of Tessa Johnson and an undefeated South Carolina team.

First, Caitlyn.  She has single-handedly changed the face of women’s basketball, and she’s a talented #13 FCIR.  For the 2023-2024 season, Caitlyn made 201 three-point shots, easily surpassing fellow #13 FCIR Stephen Curry‘s record of 162!  According to critics, she has speed, coordination, and lo and behold, intelligence (we don’t call them the CI “Owl” for nothing).   Caitlyn even passed  Hall of Famer “Pistol” Pete Maravich’s (#6 BEIR) record of 3,667 points!  Needless to say, Clark is a gifted player, regardless of having never won a national championship (stupid statistic).  Also, needless to say, she’s projected to go #1 in the WNBA draft this year.

Now for Tessa Johnson, who scored a career-high and team-high 19 points, knocking down three shots from three-point range during the final game.  Johnson is a #1 FEARwho on the surface has quite a different appearance than her LSU counterpart, Angel Reese (who resembles #1 Serena Williams just a bit).  While Reese enjoys showcasing her long eye-lashes out on the court, Johnson’s agility and tremendous body control instead showcase, or reveal, her inborn #1 design.  It’s interesting to note, according to one critic, that although Johnson “might not possess the sheer speed, acceleration, and ball-handling … {her} shooting stroke, {and} ability to get to her spot” make her a force to be reckoned with.  In her own words, “I was a little nervous coming into the game, but I think I just had so much faith and trust in, not only my team, but in God.  I just had a feeling out there.”

At any rate, women’s basketball is on the map, presently.  Let’s hope future talented stars with solid character will keep it that way.

Written by: Staff