An interesting article came out a few weeks ago, titled, “Beatles’ John Lennon resented Muhammad Ali after knockout shoot: ‘It was a mistake’.”  Of course, even the novice Brain Type enthusiasts should immediately recognize the correlation between Lennon and Ali.  Or rather, the nearly opposite correlation, considering that Lennon was a #14 BCIR and Ali a #1 FEAR.  As the story goes, photographer Harry Benson took the Beatles in 1964 to meet Ali, shortly before he was to box Sonny Liston (#13 FCIR), while the Beatles were gearing up for “The Ed Sullivan Show.”  And as the story goes, by the end of the photoshoot, the “Fab Four” weren’t too happy about the rendezvous.

Of course, Muhammad was not only a jabber in the ring but outside, and during this meeting he did not disappoint.  “Your music is not that good,” he scoffed, while the Beatles casually retorted, “We hear you’re not that good as a boxer.’”  Throughout the rest of the shoot, Ali kept on ribbing, calling Paul McCartney (#11 FCAL) and his friends, “tiny, small, little men” in comparison to his large frame.  While George Harrison (#13 FCIR) and Ringo Starr (#13 FCIR) for the most part were able to laugh it off, John Lennon and Paul McCartney weren’t impressed.  Photographer Benson went on to say, “John Lennon said to me, ‘It was a mistake going to see Ali,’”  He felt [Ali] made them all look stupid. Ali did everything he wanted to do and strutted all around demanding them to look at him. And then he pretended to punch them, and they all had to act as if they were being knocked out with funny faces. They didn’t appreciate being dwarfed over Ali.”  And afterwards, according to Benson?  “The Beatles never forgave me.”

Both #14s and #11s can wax demure, or low-key, not often being impressed with showiness from others.  While certainly not all #1s are/were as flamboyant as Ali, it’s not all that surprising that he and the Beatles in particular did not mix well.  No one enjoys being belittled, of course, but some designs can more easily slough it off.  In particular, #11s often seek appreciation for their beauty or ability, while #14s for their wits and brains.  In the final analysis, acting stupid, and looking stupid, just aren’t their thing, and when it came to shooting pictures with the great Ali, that’s what they were forced to do.  Little wonder they hated it!

Written by: Staff
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